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Forestry Permits / Licences

The agency issues numerous permits and licences ranging from timber licences to operating permits. Permits and licences or further information may be obtained by contacting your nearest Regional Office, District Office or Satellite Office.

Note: Anyone planning to operate a sawmill to saw timber on Crown, private, or public lands must first obtain a licence to operate the mill. The licence required will depend on the purpose and the amount of timber to be sawn.

Commercial Cutting Permit

A permit issued under the Forestry Regulations to cut and remove from Crown or public land, timber for sale or barter.

A commercial cutting permit or mill licence can be obtained by visiting the forestry office. An application for the permit will have to be completed. This application will be reviewed by the forestry staff and a decision will be made on the issuance of the permit.

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Commercial Mill Licence

A licence issued to operate a mill for commercial purposes including sale, gift or barter.

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Domestic Cutting Permit

Under the Forestry Act, Cutting of Timber Regulations, a cutting permit is required to cut timber on or remove timber from Crown lands or public lands. Permits for cutting timber for personal use, and not for sale, barter or gift, are referred to as Domestic Cutting Permits. The fee for a Domestic Cutting Permit is $25; however, senior citizens can avail of the reduced fee of $16.25. The volume of timber to be cut and removed under a Domestic Cutting Permit will depend on local annual allowable amounts and will be indicated on the permit.

Domestic Cutting Permits are valid for the current calendar year and can be obtained in person, by phone or mail through any Forestry District Office.

Renew Online

If eligible, residents can renew a Domestic Cutting Permit online.

You can renew your Domestic Cutting Permit online if:

  1. You had a valid Domestic Cutting Permit issued the previous year;
  2. You are the only Domestic Cutting Permit holder in your household;
  3. You do not have any outstanding fines (forestry, traffic, etc.);
  4. You are not applying for the senior age discount for the first time; and
  5. You do not need to change your Helper information (if applicable).

Note: Through the online renewal application, you can remove a Helper from your permit but you cannot add a new one.

Domestic Cutting Permit Online Application: Frequently Asked Questions PDF Icon (561 KB)

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Permits issued by phone, mail or online will be mailed within five to 10 business days.

For more information on available domestic cutting areas, how to acquire a Domestic Cutting Permit, or Domestic Cutting Permit conditions and regulations, please contact your local district office or refer to the website (

Note: The Provincial Government Issuance of Domestic Cutting Permits Policy requires individuals seeking Domestic Cutting Permits to initially provide proof of identification. A government issued driver's Licence is the preferred form of identification; however, other sources of identification may be accepted. Please contact your local district office for more information.

Guide to Domestic Cutting

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to responsible stewardship of the province’s forests, sustainability of the resource, and ensuring forest related activities on Crown land are conducted under approved environmental procedures. Forest operations managed by the province are monitored through an Environmental Management System, which is currently certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard. Domestic Cutters are required to comply with the provinces Environmental Management System.  The following leaflet has been developed to provide domestic woodcutters with an overview of their responsibilities under the system.   

 Guide to Domestic Cutting PDF Icon (1 MB)

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Domestic Mill Licence

A licence issued to operate a mill to produce products for the sole use of the operator and not for sale, barter, or gift, at a level not to exceed 5000 fbm (foot board measure) or the sawlog portion of the permittee's domestic cutting permit whichever is the lesser.

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Operating Permit

A permit issued in accordance with the Forest Fire Regulations giving permission to carry out a logging or industrial operation during the Forest Fire Season on Crown or private land at a specified site.

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Permit to Burn

Each year a specified period for the Forest Fire Season is declared by the minister. If conditions warrant, the season can be extended beyond the specified periods. During the Forest Fire Season a permit to burn must be obtained to ignite a fire on forest land or within 300 meters of forest land during the Forest Fire Season.

Public Reminders for the Forest Fire Season

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Permit to Export Timber

A permit issued by the Department allowing a person or company to ship timber from the Province.

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Timber Scaling Licence

The Forestry Act requires all timber cut for commercial purposes, and all timber cut from Crown Lands with royalties owing, to be scaled (measured) by a licenced timber scaler. A Timber Scaling Licence issued under the Forestry Act gives a person the authority to measure timber.

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Timber Purchase Licence

A licence issued under the Forestry Act giving permission to a person to purchase or acquire timber cut on Crown or public land for subsequent sale or barter, or for processing into a product which is intended to be sold or bartered.

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