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Current Planning Cycle: 2019-2023

Forest Management planning is in progress for the following Zones and/or Districts. Draft plans, and information on scheduled public consultation meetings will be posted as it becomes available.


The branch welcomes stakeholder involvement into the development of each district five-year operating plan. This involvement is an important part of the sustainable forest management process. It is essential that all forest values for the future social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits of all citizens are considered.

The public process leading to the development of five-year operating plans has evolved over time and the branch is committed to improving the process with the objective of reducing land-use conflicts.

Public consultation is ongoing and draft forest management plans are developed in consultation with individuals and organizations interested in, or affected by, forest management activities in the area. Meetings with known stakeholders begin early in the process and are ongoing throughout. In addition, each zone/district schedules a minimum of one open house session with supplemental sessions as required. Prior to these open house sessions, draft forest management plans and operating maps are posted below for review.

The public is welcome to express concerns, provide feedback and ideas at scheduled open houses, in writing, or by appointment with the respective Regional Ecosystem Planner.

Once open house sessions are complete, Forestry Officials will incorporate any elevated stakeholder issues, as well as any conflicts and mitigations into a revised five-year operating plan.

All five-year operating plans must undergo environmental assessment before implementation.

Download the Guide to Forest Management - Five-year Planning Process PDF (1.7 MB)

ZONE 6 (DISTRICTS 14 & 15)

Draft Forest Management Plan Information - For Review

Draft Plans under development.

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