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The Forest Systems and Work Study section has as its mandate the promotion of efficient forest resource utilization through research and development and technology transfer.

Much emphasis is placed on:

  • improving the efficiency of harvesting operations,
  • monitoring and improving timber utilization, and
  • introducing new harvesting techniques and technologies.

In keeping with the Agency's focus on ecosystem management, work has also been conducted in monitoring harvesting operations to provide information to forest managers to assist in their decision making process.

Other initiatives being pursued are:

  • Sensitive site logging
  • Timber utilization surveys
  • Careful logging techniques
  • Cutover cull surveys
  • Ground disturbance surveys
  • Machine productivity surveys (managed/unmanaged stands)

All work follows a detailed method of planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and measurement. Results obtained are summarized and presented in the form of technical and information reports which are distributed throughout the Province's forestry sector as well as research and educational institutions abroad.

This section is also responsible for refining many of the gross merchantable volume deductions made to the Province's Timber Supply Analysis. Various surveys are conducted throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in order to determine volume losses due to:

  • fire,
  • insects and diseases,
  • stand remnants,
  • poor timber utilization, and
  • the cull inherent in standing timber.

Work is also done on maintaining and upgrading a video, slide and equipment database of current harvesting equipment and techniques. This information is made available to interested contractors, students, research organizations, Newfoundland Forest Service (NFS) staff, pulp and paper companies and the general public. Forest engineering expertise is made available upon request, pending time and staff restraints.


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