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Public Reminders for the Forest Fire Season

  • Forest Fire Regulations
  • During the official forest fire season a permit to burn is required for lighting outdoor fires to clear land or burn brush  within 300 metres of a forest. A permit to burn can be obtained at no cost at Forestry Services Branch regional, district and satellite offices located through the province. Information on the forest fire season and regulations are available at .
  • During the forest fire season a person may light a fire in a prepared location in a provincial, national, municipal or private park that has facilities to contain open pit fires. However, open or outdoor fires are not permitted at any location in regions where the fire weather index is designated at high or extreme.
  • All coals used during barbequing or as part of any other burning unit must be totally extinguished before being discarded. When discarding of coals it is important to remember to do so in a manner which will not result in the starting of a fire.
  • In accordance with provincial forest fire regulations persons travelling through forest land during the forest fire season on an all-terrain or motorized vehicle are required to have the vehicle fitted with a muffler and a screening or baffling device which prevents the escape of sparks or particles of burnt carbon. In addition, they are required to be equipped with a fire extinguisher containing a minimum of 227 grams of ABC class fire retardant.
  • The following is important safety information to adhere to when using an outdoor wood burning unit. Please ensure:
    • the unit is made entirely of non-combustible material;
    • the unit completely contains the fire;
    • the unit is screened to prevent the escape of sparks and other burning material;
    • the unit rests on legs or supports, placed on a non-combustible area of no less than 1.5 square metres;
    • the unit is located a minimum of 3.5 metres from the nearest woods, brush or other flammable material.


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